Ever since the dawn of time, outer space has piqued mankind’s curiosity in myriad ways. The study of celestial objects has played a vital role in the advance of humankind.

Sailors of ancient times have used the guiding light of the Sun, the Stars and the Moon to aid in…

There are some incidents in life which you would normally try to avoid to the utmost possible, such as:

a) Missing your bus / train

b) Having an expensive meal in a restaurant and finding out you left your wallet at home / your pocket got picked

c) Visiting the…

‘The only thing constant in life is change’ goes the popular saying. Indeed, life always presents us with situations where we have to make decisions. These decisions have the potential to change our life either inconsequentially or in a big way. Marriage is one of them. …

Srinivas Pavan Addanki

I, Me…. Myself

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